MRE-Shop uses Military Grade Technology and the highest standards to ensure wholesome MRE meals with the longest shelf life are exactly what you get. We proudly serve the public, all agencies and branches of the United States government as well as State and local government including police, fire, medical and all additional emergency response personnel. All MRE meals are 100% made in the USA. This includes Standard, Kosher, HALAL, M-018H, and Blueline MRE meals.

We proudly offer Fresh Made MRE meals to the public. MRE-Shop rations are brand new, not military surplus that have have been in the field or a storage container for years. This ensures the entire shelf life is available to you on every order. This is the new Higher Standard for Meals Ready to Eat!

The MRE Shop is the best online source for premium, factory fresh MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat). We offer MRE products from the most reliable and well-known MRE manufacturers in the industry. Most orders will be shipped out the same day. The majority of our orders are delivered within 2-5 business days. Visit our Online Store for more options!

What is an MRE



MRE meals are self-contained, military spec rations. A single complete meal is nutritionally balanced and contains between 1,100-1,300 calories. While MREs have their origin in the US military, the quality of ingredients and preparation has vastly improved into finding a better, efficient, and effective way of getting us the meals we need quickly and efficiently. MRE meals are ready to eat and require no water to reconstitute.  These meals can also be customized to include a flameless ration heater.

The MRE Shop provides ready to eat meals that are designed and made to provide consumers with ample calories to get on with their day’s work without their bodies experiencing any deficiency in energy supply. We only select and sell MRE’s that are fresh made, to the highest standards possible, thus ensuring that they not only meet the traditional MRE production and packaging standards, but also exceeds the traditional standards.

The MRE Shop also offers complete customization of our shelf stable ration with large volume orders. Whether your requirement is a full day MRE meal which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner or a low cost/high calorie refugee meal, MRE Shop can customize your ration to meet a specific calorie count, price point, religious certification or menu composition.


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