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You’ve been on the trail all day, you’re tired, you’re hungry and all you want is a hot meal. Does this mean you have to dig out the cook stove, hunt up some clean water and start boiling? That’s not what it means at all thanks to THE MRE SHOP lines of ready to eat meals. These military grade meal kits come fully cooked and don’t require any water. An optional flameless ration heater is available, so you can have a hot meal anytime, anywhere without busting out the matches.

If you’re going for mega miles on your hike, either as part of a race or just for a personal challenge, our MRE’s will save you precious time. Each 1300XT has more than 1300 shelf stable calories, perfect for filling you up fast and keeping you enjoying the outdoors we all love. Or, if you’re not looking to chow down quite so many calories, it’s an easy meal to split, saving you and your trail buddy some cooking. Solo hikers can get our THE MRE SHOP Entrees and be good to go.

Familiar with the backpacking meals and not impressed? THE MRE SHOP are in a class entirely of their own. Lightweight, prepackaged and ready to eat on the go, yeah, sounds a lot like a backpacking meal. Plus, THE MRE SHOP pack way more calories and components than your average backpacking meal, so you can keep yourself fueled and heading down the trail.

You know you packed your spoon, you just know it, but you’ve been digging through your backpack for ten minutes know and it simply isn’t there. Don’t sweat it, all of our THE MRE SHOP come with a spoon so all you have to do is rip open the package and dig in.

Hiking in bear country? No worries with these MRE’s. While hanging a bear bag is never a bad idea, our THE MRE SHOP come in a military grade tamper proof bag. Shove them anywhere you have a little room, toss your pack around however you’d like and at the end of the day your MRE will look like you just took it out of its case a moment ago. If the weight’s got you second guessing, think about what you’re saving. Even without the flameless ration heater, setting the package in the sun or carrying it in an inside pocket for a couple of hours before you want to eat will provide you with a hot meal while allowing you to leave the stove at home. Think of the weight stove free (which means fuel free!) camping will save you. To shed even more weight, leave some of the components at home if you don’t want or need them. If you’re looking for a fast, convenient, calorie-rich meal to take into the woods with you, you won’t beat an THE MRE SHOP. Bon appetite and happy trails!