Halal MRE Meals Ready to Eat

The MRE Shop is proud to offer 100% Halal Certified Meals Ready to Eat which have been field tested, are self heating, and provide for the longest industry shelf life.

The MRE Shop Halal Certified meals are tailored to serve any institutional and military demand as well as the increasing demand for the civilian market place that arranges preparedness, humanitarian, and disaster relief efforts as well for a variety of situations where traditional food supply is not available.

With today’s leading edge food technology and The MRE Shop’s years of experience in the shelf stable food industry, we are proud to offer the most reliable ready to eat Halal meals in the market. Our Halal Products are 100% compliant with all of the Halal Standards in accordance with the Sharia Laws and Regulations. We guarantee all Halal MREs are:

  1. Free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from consuming according to Islamic law (Shariah).
  2. Processed, made, produced, manufactured and/or stored using utensils, equipment and/or machinery that have been cleansed according to Islamic law.

When traditional food supply is not available, mostly at times when disasters, unfortunate, or unforeseen situations arise, the provisions of food, especially Halal food, becomes a big challenge to fulfill. The danger for malnutrition increases when there is limited access to cooking facilities, fuel, clean sources of water, and adequate food storage to the affected areas. These type of situations make the distribution of food to these areas a very complicated task and almost impossible to accomplish in an efficient way in order to provide to each person in need the food they require to survive which usually results in an excessive waste and loss of product.

We are fully equipped and ready to respond to an emergency or to fill a substantial order upon advanced notice. The MRE Shop can ship Halal certified MRE meals anywhere, quickly and reliably.

This is where our ready to Eat Halal Meals takes the lead as the most reliable solution available. We base our standard Halal MRE offerings in three basic configurations:

The Halal 1000 Provides 900 – 1100 Calories per Pack
The Halal 24HR Ration Provides 1800 – 2300 Calories per pack
The Halal 400 Provides 400-650 Calories per Pack