Kosher MRE’s Prepared to Eat Immediately

Among the numerous types of meals that we prepare, we also offer ready-to-eat kosher meals that are exclusively made in the USA and adhere to strict kosher guidelines. Whether this is for military personnel or law enforcement that require meals that are prepared to kosher standards, or for people that could find themselves in an emergency where kosher ingredients are difficult to access, we have developed nutritious meals for any situation. THE MRE SHOP Kosher MRE meals are available by custom order, have a long shelf life, and are self-heating, providing peace of mind for all our customers.

During times of crisis or when unexpected instances arise, the likelihood of having ample food and drink provisions can be low, let alone food that can be deemed kosher. For people that may find themselves in this type of environment, they can be sure that locating basic necessities for everyday cooking uses, like a stove, fuel, clean water, or even a place to store food, can prove to be a challenge or even impossible. Even more, supplying food in these types of hostile and compromising situations can often be difficult or impossible. This means there has to be an alternative for safe, kosher eating in extreme circumstances that will ensure people are receiving food that is in conjunction with their beliefs and follows a healthy diet. Luckily, people are able to rely on our ready-to-eat kosher meals, giving them the nutrition they need, all while adhering to the Torah’s requirements of a clean, kosher diet.


Thanks to today’s top technologies, we are able to pair our experience in the shelf-food industry with advanced tools for preparing the most reliable ready-to-eat kosher meals on the market. We take the preparation of kosher meals very seriously, always adhering to strict kosher guidelines.

THE MRE SHOP Kosher MRE meals are ideal for emergency food situations and for outdoor individuals like campers, military personnel, or law enforcement. Every meal consists of a variety of courses such us a main entrée, sides, desserts, and beverages, along with the necessary eating utensils such as condiments, napkins, and a flameless ration heater. Furthermore, each is packaged in a high-density water and tamper-proof poly bag casing that comes with the assembly date same as the case. We are also able to accommodate requests to customize meals based on individual requests for what goes in the packs, nutritional values, and calorie amounts for their ready-to-eat meals. THE MRE SHOP Kosher MRE meals are available through custom order only. Please contact THE MRE SHOP